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Welcome to Parrotsy!

We’re thrilled you decided to stop by Parrotsy – the internet’s favorite spot for parrot owners, enthusiasts and friends! Before you dive into our feathered content, please take a quick moment to review these terms and conditions that apply to use of our site. We tried to keep it causal, friendly and easy to understand. If you ever have questions, just chirp at us! Now let’s fly into the fun stuff…

Using Content from Parrotsy

Sharing helpful parrot tips and stories is what we’re all about. But there are some limits on how our content can be used. So brace yourself for a bit of legal jargon! We’ll try to make it as painless as possible.

Personal and Non-Commercial Use

Feel free to access and use Parrotsy’s content for your own personal, non-commercial use. What does this mean? Things like:

  • Casually referencing our articles when chatting on parrot forums
  • Looking up quick care tips for your flock
  • Saving your favorite posts for future reference
  • Sharing links with fellow parrot lovers

Not things like:

  • Compiling full articles into a book you sell
  • Using our writing in any commercial way without permission

The key point is our content is meant for helping fellow parrot fans informally. Not for making money or commercial projects without our OK.

Sharing Content with Friends

By all means, share links to Parrotsy posts and pages with friends and family! Just don’t copy complete pieces over or pass them off as your own creation.

Reach Out About Commercial Use

What if you do eventually want to use Parrotsy content more commercially? Maybe reuse it on your own website, incorporate it into a product or service, promote it extensively in advertising, etc. We’re open to partnerships! But you need to get our permission first by emailing Tell us a bit about your idea and let’s chat.

Don’t Modify Without Permission

Please don’t modify any Parrotsy content without our express consent. That includes things like:

  • Adding your own watermarks or branding
  • Altering the original text
  • Taking credit as the creator/author

We’re happy to discuss custom partnerships involving content changes or co-branding. But there’s a right way to go about it – ask first!

Follow Site Rules and Standards

Any use of Parrotsy’s content needs to follow all other site rules, terms and community standards. So make sure to review the details on your end. We reserve the right to revoke usage privileges if needed.

Registering User Accounts

While anyone can access Parrotsy’s public content without an account, certain areas do require registration. Things like:

  • Posting your own content
  • Commenting
  • Saving favorites
  • Premium content access
  • Newsletter subscriptions
  • Contests and giveaways

Here’s what you need to know about accounts…

Signing Up is Free and Easy

Registering a Parrotsy user account is completely free and takes just minutes. We require a valid email address and ask that you create a unique password not used on other sites. This helps keep your account secure!

Personal Details May Be Requested

In order to customize your experience, we may collect some basic personal details like your name, location and interests. But we never sell these or use them sneakily. Any info you provide is mainly to personalize site content and offers. We may also reach out directly on rare occasions when needed to manage your account.

You Control Your Login Credentials

You are solely responsible for keeping your Parrotsy login credentials safe, including password, email address, or any other details linked to your account access. In other words, no sharing logins outside your household! We suggest changing passwords every so often as an extra security measure as well.

And never share sensitive account information publicly online or with strangers. Unfortunately we cannot reimburse any issues arising from compromised credentials.

One Person Per Account

Parrotsy accounts are intended for single users only unless noted otherwise. In general, please don’t share logins between family or friends and check with us before setting up any joint accounts. We want to make sure everyone has the best experience possible tailored to them!

You Can Delete Accounts

No longer interested in using Parrotsy? You can delete your account anytime in your profile settings. Most of your info will be removed internally within 30 days. However we still may retain certain usage data for analytical purposes.

And some contributions like forum posts may linger externally where other users can access them. We reserve the right to display public user content indefinitely, even if the creator’s account is closed. Just a head’s up!

Community Content and Conduct

Parrotsy offers community features for members to contribute their own content, chat with fellow parrot lovers and more. Here are some key rules:

You Grant Us Usage Rights

By posting any content on Parrotsy like images, comments, stories or participating in public forums, you grant us a broad usage license. This means we can display and share your contributions publicly on our site and affiliated social media indefinitely. Make sense?

But don’t worry — we’ll always link and credit back to you as the creator when possible!

Follow Community Rules

All members must follow our full website when posting any of their own content or interacting with others. This keeps things friendly and constructive for all.

Rules cover important things like:

  • Being polite – no bullying, harassment or threats
  • Following laws – no nudity, copyright infringement, etc.
  • Disclosing conflicts – be transparent if promoting own products/services
  • No spamming – excess self-promotion or off-topic posts

You’re responsible for reading and adhering to Parrotsy’s standards. We update these periodically so check back now and then!

We Can Remove Content

If any user content goes against our guidelines or terms, Parrotsy reserves the unconditional right to edit, modify, refuse access to or remove it at our discretion. We may also revoke account privileges if needed.

This includes things like hate speech, harassment, spam posts, illegal stuff or just overly negative comments dragging down others. Don’t take it personally – preserving a friendly space is top priority!

Contact Us About Policy Violations

See another Parrotsy member posting questionable stuff or concerned about your own removed content? Please email so we can address directly with the user and make any necessary adjustments on our end. Thanks for helping keep our community safe and supportive!

Respecting Copyright Laws

At Parrotsy, we take copyrights seriously. Here’s what members need to know when posting their own content.

Avoid Sharing Protected Work

Don’t share lengthy excerpts or full copies of books, articles, songs, videos or any other materials without permission from the original creator/outlet. This still applies even when crediting! Proper paraphrasing is okay, but substantial duplicates cross the line.

We May Remove Infringing Content

If we believe any member posts significantly copy or use protected work, Parrotsy reserves the right to remove it without refund. We may also terminate accounts with repeat offenses. Just something to keep in mind!

You’re Responsible For What You Post

Members assume full legal responsibility for their contributions to Parrotsy. Make sure you either own or have usage rights for any content you share here. We are not liable for others posting infringing stuff, but try our best to catch violations when reported.

Contact Us About Removals

If your original content is removed wrongly in error, email and we’ll investigate immediately. Ditto if you want to report someone else potentially breaching copyright policy. Appreciate the heads up!

Advertisements and Sponsors

As you browse Parrotsy, you may notice advertising and sponsor messages from relevant brands, products or services. Here’s how it works:

We Rely on Sponsorships

Advertising and sponsorships help keep Parrotsy up and running with no paid subscriptions required of our members! But allowing promotions does NOT necessarily mean we endorse any particular advertiser, just that their content meets our standards. More details below…

Advertisers Must Meet Guidelines

Any third party advertising with Parrotsy has to meet strict quality standards to align with our brand. Things like being relevant, ethical, transparent and adding value for members. If you ever notice questionable marketing, report it ASAP and we’ll investigate!

Targeted Ads May Appear

Some ads or suggestions you see may be personalized based on data we collect anonymously about member interests and site usage. It’s how platforms show things actually useful to you! Nothing sneaky but good to know.

Contact Us About Advertising

Like what you see and want to advertise with us yourself? Awesome! Head over to our website to learn about current options that could be perfect for your parrot brand. Or just email and we’ll be in touch within 48 hours.

Disclaimers Regarding Site Use

While Parrotsy reviews all content carefully for quality, we legally cannot make guarantees about third party posts or linked external sites. Please use discretion when viewing:

Our Content Aims to Inform

Parrotsy shares parrot care tips and stories intended for general education and entertainment only. Content comes from a mix of staffers, members and veterinary sources. But we legally cannot verify the suitability, completeness or accuracy of every piece for your specific situation.

Consult an Avian Vet

Content on Parrotsy should never replace direct veterinary guidance. If you have concerns about any health, wellbeing or treatment protocols for your own flock, consult a certified avian vet. Don’t solely rely on our articles when making major care decisions.

External Site Disclaimer

Parrotsy contains user comments and links leading to outside websites run by other parties. We hold no liability or responsibility for content hosted externally. Member contributions also do not necessarily reflect Parrotsy or Bird Lovers Inc. official views.

Assumption of Risk

Use of the Parrotsy site and any information contained within carries certain risks. By accessing Parrotsy, you expressly release Bird Lovers Inc. and any individuals or entities related to managing the site from all liability related to use. This includes potential inaccuracies, errors, omissions or fitness for any purpose.

Changes to These Terms

As with any website, we legally need to reserve some flexibility to update policies as situations evolve. With that said, here’s how we handle changes:

We Can Change Terms Anytime

Parrotsy reserves the absolute right to revise website terms and conditions at any time without advanced warning. This includes things like privacy policies, community rules and this TOS. Your continued use of Parrotsy constitutes agreement to any new policies.

Significant Changes Will Be Announced

For major updates significantly impacting members, Parrotsy may elect to send an email blast and post visible site notifications for a period of time. But due to email deliverability issues beyond our control, we cannot guarantee every user is made aware. Another reason to check current terms occasionally!

Changes Become Effective Immediately

Unless otherwise noted, any changes to Parrotsy terms take effect as soon as published live on site. So please bookmark and refer back to these terms periodically. We also post the Last Updated date clearly at the bottom. If it’s been awhile, give policies a quick review!

Contact Us Anytime

Thanks again for stopping by Parrotsy and reviewing these terms and conditions. We know legal stuff isn’t the most glamorous – but it protects both sides. Now let’s get on discussing more exciting things like the perfect diet mix and teaching new tricks!

For any questions about Parrotsy terms, privacy policy or really anything at all…please don’t hesitate to reach out by emailing Or of course just comment on a post and our mod squad will swing by. Enjoy!

Last Updated: December 21, 2023