Where Can I Buy a Parrotlet as a Pet?

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Parrotlets are pint-sized parrots packed full of huge personality. These diminutive birds originate from South America and make interactive, affectionate pets. Their small stature, quieter nature and easy care requirements also make them suitable for apartment and urban living. But with few breeders specializing in these petite parrots, knowing the best places to buy a healthy tamed parrotlet can be confusing.

Local Bird & Exotic Pet Stores

Check with local independently owned bird and exotic pet stores in your area. These specialty stores have extensive experience with species like parrotlets and can guide you to the best options. When buying in-store:

  • Inspect the environment and all parrotlets in residence for signs of illness and proper care.
  • Handle the parrotlet you intend to purchase to better gauge its temperament and socialization.
  • Inquire about parrotlet’s background – age, where it was acquired from, how long store has had it.
  • Ask about hand taming progress – a key factor for successfully bonding with parrotlets.
  • Review return policy in case health or behavior issues arise once home.
  • Expect to invest $150 to $350 for parrotlets in stores due to extra middleman costs.

The main perk of store bought parrotlets is convenience coupled with expert guidance. Just be aware store birds tend to be inconsistently socialized.

Parrotlet Breeders

Purchasing directly from parrotlet specialty breeders is another solid option. Reputable breeders place immense focus on hand taming baby parrotlets through extensive handling and interaction from the very start. This early positive reinforcement creates extremely bonded, responsive pet parrotlets. Added benefits are:

  • Custom guidance on selecting the right temperament parrotlet to best suit your lifestyle and experience level.
  • Complete health and genetic history since quality breeders track lineage carefully.
  • Ongoing support and advice on diet, behavior, training and enrichment from established parrotlet experts.
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Expect to invest $200 to $500 for such exceptionally tamed, pedigreed baby parrotlets ready for lives as special feathered companions.

Parrotlet Societies, Clubs & Rescues

Connecting with local parrotlet specific avian societies, breed clubs and rescue/rehoming organizations can unlock access to a wider network of qualified breeders. Highlights include:

  • Rescues often have young, friendly parrotlets available for adoption a low fees like $50 to $150. This gives unwanted birds second chances while saving you money.
  • Societies and clubs provide member directories to help you locate and contact regional breeders directly.
  • Members also receive guidance on vetting breeders to identify the most ethical, reputable options for purchasing parrotlets.
  • Joining these non-profit communities supports excellent continued education on parrotlet care through meetings, events and resources.

The only potential disadvantage is fewer immediate options if no current rescues or breeder referrals are available. But joining clubs builds relationships for future consideration.

Online Parrotlet Sales

Thanks to specialty parrotlet breeder websites and online bird marketplaces, those seeking these charming mini parrots can now purchase them shipped from across their state or even the entire country. Benefits include:

  • Much wider pool of breeders allows better selection of desired mutations and color variants.
  • Competitive pricing due to savings from direct online sales often ranging $150 to $350.
  • Complete transparency on lineage, genetics, and breeding backgrounds for those planning to eventually breed.
  • Useful customer reviews help identify and avoid unscrupulous sellers amid so many online options.

Be sure to thoroughly vet any online bird seller, get video confirmation of the actual bird’s health and temperament prior to purchase, and ask details about safe shipping methods. Although convenient, buying sight unseen does carry risks.

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Key Questions Before Bringing Your Parrotlet Home

Regardless of purchase source, be sure to ask:

  • How many other birds is the breeder currently housing? Quality breeders tend to focus on just 1-2 species like parrotlets allowing better individualized care.
  • How often is the specific parrotlet handled each day? This is the top factor ensuring proper taming.
  • What training cues or commands does the parrotlet already know? Helps gauge intellect and trainability.

Also prepare their enclosure in advance with familiar foods, toys and perches to help ease transition stress. Match your purchase source carefully to both your personal goals as an owner and the individual needs of these petite yet demanding tiny parrots. By following these recommendations, you’re sure to come home with a healthy, vibrant companion parrotlet ready to steal your heart.

Final Thoughts

Parrotlets require dedicated owners willing to invest the time and care these small but spirited balls of feathers deserve. But for the right person, they reward such effort generously with years of affectionate companionship. Do your homework to locate only the most ethical, nurturing breeders focused on responsibly hand raising babes full of personality primed to become extraordinary pets. Although the initial purchase price may be higher, the payoff in building an exceptional lifetime relationship with your new feathered friend is truly priceless.

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