Where Can I Buy a Budgie as a Pet?

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Budgies, also known as parakeets, make wonderful pets. These petite, colorful birds have sweet, affectionate personalities and can learn to talk and do tricks. Their small size and reasonable care needs also make them suitable for many households. But before welcoming one of these feathered friends into your family, an important first step is knowing where to buy a healthy, high quality budgie.

Local Bird and Pet Stores

Visiting local pet stores is often the most convenient way to buy a budgie. Many bird specialty stores and large chain pet stores carry various budgie mutations, or color varieties, bred locally or shipped from large scale breeders. When buying from a store:

  • Inspect the environment. Look for clean cages and substrates, adequate food and water, and proper heating and lighting. Dirty conditions or sick birds could indicate lack of care.
  • Study budgie behavior. Healthy birds should be active, alert, and curious. Avoid lethargic birds with fluffed feathers or discharge around eyes and nostrils.
  • Ask about age and history. Stores rarely know exact ages but should be able to provide estimates. Also ask how long they’ve had individual birds and where they acquired them. Long term, on-site bred birds tend to be more hand tamed.
  • Inquire about return policies just in case issues arise after purchase. Most stores offer at least 14 days for returns and will issue refunds or exchanges for sick birds.
  • Factor in cost. Prices typically range from $15 to $75 depending on mutation, age, and hand taming extent.

The main advantage of store bought budgies is convenience. But they tend to be less hand tamed and you often don’t know their full history.

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Bird & Exotic Pet Breeders

Another option is purchasing your budgie directly from an avian breeder who specializes in budgies and other small exotic birds. Reputable budgie breeders focus on hand taming and socializing baby budgies to make them wonderful companion pets. Advantages include:

  • Better hand taming and socialization since they are handled frequently from a very young age. This creates the friendliest, easiest to train budgies.
  • Clear history and age since the breeder has cared for them since hatching.
  • Insight into the bird’s personality and recommendations for best match.
  • Direct guidance and continued support on budgie care after purchase.

High quality breeders may initially cost more, from $30 to over $100 depending on rarity of specific color mutations. But their experience and superior birds are well worth it.

Bird & Parrot Rescue Organizations

Consider adopting from a local parrot rescue organization. These non-profits take in lost, abandoned, abused and unwanted parrots, nurse them back to health, and adopt them out to screened new homes. Benefits include:

  • Giving an abandoned feathered friend a second chance at a happy life.
  • Potentially lower fees ranging from $15 to $50 for adoption.
  • Ongoing guidance from the rescue organization who truly knows each bird’s history and personality.

The biggest disadvantage is rescued budgies often don’t thrive as well in pet homes. Since they come from neglected backgrounds, they may be untamed, traumatized, or have chronic health issues needing special care. Adoptions can still succeed in very committed homes, but consider carefully first.

Online & Specialty Bird Sales

Thanks to the internet, you can now buy budgies online from breeders across your state or even country. And some national clubs and societies may also coordinate special bird sales for members. Highlights are:

  • Increased selection and availability of rarer color varieties.
  • Competitive pricing from $20 to $60 as breeders pass online savings to buyers.
  • Detailed information on lineage and genetics for those focused on breeding.
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Downsides revolve around risks buying sight unseen and having birds shipped. So be sure to thoroughly vet any online seller, get video confirmation of your particular bird’s health and personality prior to purchase, and ask details about shipping methods.

Key Questions Before Bringing Home Your Budgie

Regardless where you get your new budgie – store, breeder, rescue or online – be sure to ask:

  • What is their health history? Illness signs to watch for?
  • What have they been eating? This eases transition to new diet.
  • What is their background? Helps understand personality and potential issues.
  • Are they hand tamed and socialized? Crucial for bonding and training.

Also, set up their cage and accessories in advance so you can gently place your new budgie straight into their familiar home, helping reduce transition stress. With a wide range of options now available both locally and online, finding the perfect new budgie friend has never been easier. Do your homework researching each source’s reputation, policies and prices to make the best selection. Most importantly, make sure you can provide the lifelong love and care this small but special companion both needs and deserves.

Final Thoughts

Bringing home a new budgie is an exciting first step to years of affection and enjoyment. Allow yourself ample time to research where to get your bird from and ensure wherever you select practices responsible avian husbandry focused on health, hand taming and socialization. Ask lots of question about histories and handle the budgies yourself before purchase to find the perfect match for you or your family. If unsure where to start looking, reputable local bird specialty stores and breeders are always good options. Follow these key tips and you’ll soon be welcoming a wonderful new feathered addition into your home.

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