Top 10 Best Parrots for Families with Kids

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Inviting a parrot to join your bustling family presents special considerations to ensure positive experiences for these highly social yet often sensitive exotic birds along with younger household members. Some parrot species tend to tolerate rambunctious children better or display less aggressive tendencies when annoyed, making them better companion pet selections if little ones reside in homes. This guide covers the top 10 most child-friendly parrot species to consider when seeking to add feathered fun to families through their unique charms and intelligence.

Top 10 Best Parrots for Families with Kids:

  1. Budgerigars

blue parakeet on hand

These petite Australian grass parakeets rank globally as most popular pet birds for many valid reasons – not least of which is their steadfast gentle temperament. Rarely prone to nipping even when mishandled, their delicate size and vocal ways captivate most children without intimidating parents about supervision risks. Just ensure proper housing in cages too big for grabbing hands!


  1. Cockatiels

cockatiel, bird, nature
Related to rambunctious cockatoos but without the deafening decibel outbursts, young cockatiels in particular often readily accept cuddles and return human bonded affection with willingness translating well tolerating gentle children seeking to reciprocate. Inherently lower keyed vocal tendencies also complement household harmony better.

  1. Lineolated Parakeets

Three Parakeets Perching on a Branch

Sometimes termed Barred or Catherine’s parakeets, these energetic loving miniature parrots native from Mexico down through Central America delight children through playful antics balanced against mostly quiet tendencies. Rare nippers when hand tamed young, their larger size still requires managing interactions carefully to prevent traumatic accidents.

  1. Bourke’s Parakeets

bird, bourke parakeet, aviary

Hailing from the dry Australian Outback, the easygoing Bourke’s parakeet lives up to its nickname “gentle parrot” for tolerantly accepting children’s attention when properly socialized. Never prone to biting through their lifespan reaching 15 years, they also vocalize moderately without loud annoying squawks. However, supervise any interactions still due to petite body frames.

  1. Caique Parrots
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bird, parrot, caique

These colorfully goofy clown cousins of macaws charm families through exceptionally silly, energetic personalities inside petite bodies lacking painful potential of oversized parrot jaws. For folks seeking a “big bird” personality in a small package not prone to brawling when mishandled occasionally, Caique parrots fit the bill nicely.

  1. Quaker Parakeets

monk parakeet, quaker parrot, parrot

Notoriously nicknamed “monks of the parrot world” for exhibiting balanced quiet demeanors punctuated only occasionally through musical vocalizations, Quaker parrots also rank among calmer mannered mid-sized parrots that children can interact with respectfully under monitored conditions once accustomed to initially shy tendencies shunning sudden moves.

  1. Poicephalus Parrots

jardine's parrot, bird, parrot poicephalus gulielmi

This genus encompasses 9 pint-sized African species like senegal, Meyer’s and brown-headed parrots celebrated for affectionate bonds they form with dedicated owners including admiring youngsters willing to invest time and training consciously focused on relationship building. Most remain quieter and less prone to aggressive reactions if mishandled but still require gentleness.

  1. Pacific Parrotlets

animals, parrotlet, blue

Weighing barely over an ounce, these tiny tykes cannot injure little hands yet still showcase astonishingly sized personalities. Somewhat feisty initially, if handfed and family bonded young, parrotlets readily befriend respectful kids under supervision through playing happily housed or resting comfortably cradled in small palms.

  1. Lovebirds

parrot, parrots, green

Also nicknamed Quaker parakeets, these medium-sized long-tailed parrots aren’t closely related to actual quaker parrots. Originally from South America, escaped pets now wild across warmer North American states. Reputedly exhibit more even-tempered, quiet personalities comparable to quaker parrots making them one of the more child-friendly mid-sized parrot species available bred domestically today.

  1. White-Fronted Amazons

parrot, bird, animal

The smaller miniaturized Amazon species like these also termed white-browed parrots exhibit reliable hardy dispositions and moderately sized beaks less likely to frighten children through painful accidental bites. Renowned steady personalities and trainable intelligence means they potentially excel as captivating family companions under thoughtful patient mentoring.

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Key Considerations of Parrots for Families with Kids

When deciding which parrot best matches your family’s needs, consider the following key factors:

  • Age appropriateness – Younger kids lack sufficient motor skills and self-control for handling more fragile petite species.
  • Child bonding commitment – Parrots require dedicated individualized daily interaction establishing trusting relationships through gentle reinforcement positive training.
  • Housing location – Situate bird enclosures centrally in living spaces allowing integration into household flow without easily accessible for unsupervised tampering.
  • Parent willingness assuming primary pet care custody – Parrots potentially outlive human caretakers requiring long-term planning.

While no parrot gets designated 100% universally “child-proof”, the species above often do demonstrate wonderful tolerance and trainability ideally suiting families seeking wonderful avian additions blending cohesively into homes where considerate respectful children reside ready to nurture incredible bonds under careful parental guidance.

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