So How Much Does a Budgie Really Cost?


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When many first think of getting a pet bird, visions of a talking, singing parrot often come to mind. However, parrots require a huge commitment in terms of care, time, space, and yes, financial investment. For those seeking a smaller bird with big personality, budgies can make for delightful companions at a fraction of the cost. But even these pint-sized pets come with expenses. So how much does a budgie really cost?

Budgie Upfront Costs

The purchase price of a typical budgie from a breeder or pet store generally ranges from $10 – $35. Males tend to cost less than females. Rare color variations such as dark factor, albino, lutino, pied, cinnamon, and yellow can increase that upfront price up to $80+ per bird. Still, breeder and pet store budgies represent good beginner birds for those wanting to dip their toes into bird ownership.

Beyond the bird itself, you’ll need a proper enclosure. A good starter cage sized appropriately for one or two budgies ranges from $50 – $150. Be sure to choose a bar-spaced cage intended for small birds. You’ll also need a variety of perches, toys for enrichment, bowls for food and water, treats and training incentives, a cuttlebone for beak conditioning, and supplements like vitamins and probiotics. These basics can easily total another $100 or more upfront.

So if going for the starter bird route, the total upfront costs fall around $160 – $335 for everything. While not insignificant, this remains quite affordable compared to larger parrots or specialty species.

Budgie Ongoing Expenses

Like any pet though, the real costs come from proper care and maintenance over the long term.

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Quality seed mixes, pellets, vegetables, fruits and other healthy foods run about $10 – $30 per month depending on your brand preferences. You may need to offer specialized formulas too if health issues arise.

Toys require frequent replacement as budgies love to shred and demolish their playthings over time. Rotating in new toys every month costs a minimum of $5 – $10 to keep them engaged and entertained.

You’ll need to factor in vet bills too. Annual check-ups average $50 – $75 per visit. Any medications or treatments easily increase costs should your budgie need intervention beyond preventative care. Things like egg binding, respiratory infections, and obesity may crop up over a budgie’s 5-10 year lifespan. Exotic vets familiar with birds provide ideal care over general veterinary practices.

Ongoing stimulation and social interaction prove critical as well. Budgies thrive on lots of out-of-cage playtime and bonding with owners. If away frequently, paying for pet-sitting or boarding expenses factors into the overall tally too.

Total Ten Year Cost

Adding up everything over a typical budgie’s full lifespan living indoors, the total cost realistically comes out to $1000 – $3000. Quite a figure! But broken down annually, budgies remain enormously affordable pets year-over-year.

Big Personality, Little Price

In the companion bird world, no species offers better value than the diminutive, delightful budgie. Their purchase price pales compared to larger parrots and exotic species. Their care costs less than most cats and dogs too. Yes, they live for many years, but their annual costs stay relatively low. And what they give back in affection, activity and quirky charm makes them priceless.

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So for those seeking a wee wild child bursting with spirit, obsession over seed and skill at spreading feathers and fun, budgies deliver maximum bang for buck. When it comes to personality per penny, no bird gives more for less than a budgie!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about budgie costs:

How much does a basic budgie setup cost?

  • A basic setup with a suitable small cage, a few perches, food bowls, and some toys will cost $150 – $250 upfront. The bird itself averages another $10 – $35.

What are common ongoing costs for a pet budgie?

  • Food, toys, basic healthcare and other recurring costs for a single budgie average $300 – $700 annually. Larger vet bills for illness or injury increase this amount.

Do color mutations impact budgie pricing?

  • Yes, rare color mutations like dark factor, pieds, albinos, lutinos, and yellow/golden increase pricing up to $50 – $100+ per bird.

Should I insure my pet budgie?

  • Avian and exotic pet insurance generally runs $10 – $30 monthly. This can offset large emergency vet bills. Compare policy coverage when choosing insurance.

How can I save money on budgie care?

  • Buy in bulk on foods/toys, make homemade toys, grow fresh produce for feeding, train for veterinary care like nail trims, and focus on preventative health.


Budgies offer the best of both worlds: a wildly playful pint-sized personality at a fraction of the cost of larger parrot species. By understanding the full scope of expenses from purchase to end-of-life care, budgie owners can adequately prepare and budget for their feathered friend’s needs over the long term. With proper commitment, these affable little Aussies make for delightful, cost-effective companion birds sure to brighten lives with their spirit.

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