20 Most Popular Pet Parrot Species in the World

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20 Most Popular Pet Parrot Species in the World

From tiny budgies to towering macaws, hundreds of diverse parrot types wow admirers globally as feathered companions. But only a select group consistently rank as today’s most popularly kept pet parrot species worldwide.

Discover the top 20 varieties flying high on wish lists across the globe here!


#20 Monk Parakeet

Also called Quaker parrots, these vibrant little green fluffballs hailing originally from South America charm owners with comical capers, a talent for learning words/tunes, peaceful ability to live solo or in pairs harmoniously, and intense loyalty bonding closely over time. Their loud screech factor and somewhat nippy natures require experienced handling however.


#19 Sun Conure

Few small members of the conure clan showcase more blazing dramatic plumage than diminutive sun conures. Originating from Northeastern South America, their brilliant yellow, orange and green tinted feathers definitely spark “love at first sight” intrigue for admirers…until the extreme noise, nippiness, and demanding care requirements get factored in by adopters! Best suited for seasoned bird enthusiasts.


#18 Black Capped Conure

Another smaller but feisty conure variety, the green feathered black capped conure appeals to fans able to accommodate their extensive chewing tendencies and shrill vocalizations better than average. However, their clownish personality and willingness to learn tricks rewards those putting in the work to build trust. Hailing from various parts of Argentina near the Andes mountains through Paraguay.


#17 Nanday Conure

Larger members of the conure family, Nandays possess more mellow dispositions beneath their dramatic black and white faces framed by contrasting green on the rest of their shapely bodies. Originally from central South America nations, these medium sized parrots adapt pretty amiably to pet living situations but still need abundant time, training and toys to thrive without developing bad behaviors.


#16 Hawk Headed Parrot

Also nicknamed the red-fan parrot thanks to their vivid scarlet feathers highlighting slate blue wings/bodies, this stocky short tailed variety ranks as a rarer find. Their origins trace back to Mexico through Central America regions. While not quite as noisy or demanding as others on this list, their care still requires devoted experienced owners willing to put in the effort encouraging them positively.

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#15 Green Cheeked Conure

Arguably one of the easiest conure species to manage as pets, the aptly named green cheeked conure makes up for its less ostentatious looks with a generally more mellow personality when properly socialized/trained. They forge tight bonds once acclimated and can learn some vocabulary as well over their 30+ year lifespans. Native to scattered parts of South America.


#14 Parrotlet

Minuscule munchkin parrotlets charm owners with their pint-sized personalities crammed inside only 3-4 inches of fiery feathers available now in a rainbow of various vivid color morphs. Their spicy dispositions entertain but require conscientious handling and training to channel all that sass appropriately. Hail from scattered regions of South America but adapt readily to deeply bonded domestic lifestyles when their higher maintenance necessities get adequately met by responsible caregivers over their decade and a half long lifespans.


#13 Galah

Social, silly pink and grays originating from the Australasian region represent fun virtually guaranteed in feathery family-friendly packages! Their antics and vocally expressive ways more than compensate for their shorter statures around 14-17 inches tall. Require lots of interactive supervision but reward guardianship richly for those smitten by their many charms.


#12 Pacific Parrotlet

Weighing slightly over an ounce but boasting boundless vitality, Pacific parrotlets make up for diminutive dimensions through vivacious vérmillion and green personalities hard to resist! Hail from western South American terrain near the sea originally but adapt readily to doting domestic lifestyles…with attentive responsible ownership meeting their complex needs long term.


#11 Bourke’s Parrot

One of the quietest and most easy going of all parrot varieties, Australia’s own Bourke’s parrot charms enthusiasts seeking a more peaceful pint sized companion. Their soft plumage patterning may read subdued to some but devotees adore their velvety grays, pinks, and gentle nature. Given proper care, they live 15-20 years.


#10 Red Rumped Parrot

Another beloved species from down under, red rumped parrots display vibrant hues hinting at their sun soaked origins. Swiftly endearing behaviors when hand raised, minimal noise levels for a parrot, and overall fairly simple care criteria stack the odds favorably for success within typical home scenarios that provide adequate daily interaction.

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#9 Lilac Crowned Amazon

Amazons represent New World parrots hailing from throughout Mexico down into South America’s rain forests. The Lilac crowned variety earns appreciation for splendid red fringe mohawks above their namesake perfumed crowns. Like others in their group, they thrive on extensive enrichment but give back in equal measure through affection and loyalty when dedicated owners commit fully to their higher maintenance needs.


#8 Yellow Naped Amazon

Probably the second most widely kept species of the hundreds of known Amazons thanks to their iconic vivid panaches of bright yellow and green, yellow napes win hearts worldwide…even if they occasionally nip fingers too! Their upfront investment costs run affordable for such a large show stopper bird too. Just be sure you can match their exuberant energy levels and higher care requirements long term.


#7 Cockatoo

Cockatoos capture attention with their show-stopping crest feathers topping bright white plumage along with comical, cuddly behaviors making them premier pets – that is IF their extreme noise levels and notoriously nippy natures won’t overwhelm guardians! The 21 unique species span tiny Goffin’s under a foot to grand “gentle giants” like Umbrellas over two feet tall. Lifetime commitments to intensive enrichment and average 60+ year lifespans gives perspective caretakers pause however. Rest assured those who persevere pioneering bonds with these gregarious heavyweights find feathered hearts incredibly steadfast albeit still loudly demanding!


#6 Pionus Parrot

Encompassing over a dozen types like maximilians, dusky, bronze-winged and more, this group maintains a stellar reputation for moderate size with maximum heart. Most members showcase down to earth hued plumage but exude outgoing up for anything personalities behind their less flashy facades. Proven wonderful companions for owners able to dedicate ample bonding time daily. Hail mainly from South American zones.


#5 Cockatiel

The heavyweight champion runner ups just behind top contenders, cockatiels’ remarkable reputations result from uniquely loving yet independent dispositions despite more limited speech skills compared to some. Originally grassland ground dwellers across Australia, they thrive on proper training, attention and room for exercising the wings they use to graciously glide through decades by our sides when responsibly cared for as the affectionate companions they are.

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#4 Conure

Representing over 100 species of wildly varying dimensions and personalities, conures range from petite pygmy and ginormous macaw sized. But certain qualities unite them in ownership stakes – stunning looks, clownish conduct, resourceful intelligence, and impressive skills mimicking speech. Just beware their louder vocal tendencies, short fuses, and naughtier behaviors without diligent proper management! When pampered appropriately, conures promise profoundly fun relationships for years.


#3 Budgerigar

Winning worldwide fans since the 1850s, petite “budgies” barely tip the scales but deliver mammoth amounts of delight feather gram for feather gram! Their rainbow palette of potential base coat hues with assorted markings means an ideal “paint job” exists for all. Generally quiet with agreeable dispositions and simple care standards, these Australian grassland natives rank as ideal starter birds for kids too.


#2 African Gray

Astounding intellects for complex communication, comprehension and emotional insights secure gray’s rankings among the most elite avian companions possible…albeit rather quirky high maintenance ones! Ensure you can commit to their extensive needs for enrichment, training, nutrition, medical care, housing and cleanliness fully upfront. Do so sincerely for a half century or longer and few relationships will ever profoundly surpass bonds nurtured between patient guardians and their brilliant beaky buddies!


#1 Macaw

When picturing the essential parrot, big boisterous macaws represent for most enthusiasts the ultimate flighted friend fantasy captured in their quintessential rainbow form. They masterfully showcase every extreme capacity parrots are both loved and hated for though so first time owners often wrongly equate size with snuggly stuffies getting surprised later! Rest assured gigantic intellects and personalities thrive inside those powerful peaks and plumes. Are you ready to properly parent ages with your flamboyant feathered toddler through their coming dinosaur era epic lives? The deeply fulfilling adventures ahead await the devoted brave few who unconditionally commit to comprehensively supporting their complex needs!

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