Top 10 Best Toys for Budgies in 2024


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Greetings fellow budgie lovers! Here at Parrotsy, we want to help bird owners like you find the most stimulating and safest toys for your feathered friends. After careful evaluation, we compiled this list of our 10 favorite best toys for budgies you can buy on Amazon right now in 2024. Let’s explore why each one earned its spot among the budgie toy elite!

#1 Super Bird Creations Mini Flying Trapeze Toy

Overview: The mini trapeze from Super Bird Creations promotes healthy exercise by allowing budgies to swing and flutter like they would in nature.


  • Encourages natural flying and climbing movements
  • Bright colors and bell stimulate senses
  • Durable enough for repeated use
  • Easy attachment inside cages


  • Small size better suited for budgies, not large parrots
  • First-time swingers may be intimidated at first

#2 JW Pet Company Activitoys Birdie Basketball

Overview: The Activitoys Basketball set from JW Pet Company lets athletic budgies shoot tiny hoops, developing their coordination skills.


  • Games strengthen problem-solving abilities
  • Enhances hand-eye coordination
  • Made of budgie-safe materials
  • Basketball detaches for easy washing


  • Could take time for budgies to grasp the game
  • Occasional ball stuckage

#3 Living World Teach ‘N Treat Toy

Overview: The Teach ‘N Treat toy by Living World taps into budgies’ foraging instincts with built-in treat compartments that challenge their hunting abilities.


  • Allows safe hunting practice
  • Adjustable difficulty levels with elder budgies in mind
  • Promotes an active lifestyle
  • Made of budgie-friendly materials


  • May need to teach budgies how to properly access treats
  • Tiny nooks could be tricky to fully clean
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#4 Prevue Hendryx Naturals Rope Ladder

Overview: The natural rope ladder from Prevue Hendryx invites adventurous budgies to scale new heights within their cages.


  • Motivates birds to be active climbers
  • Made of all-natural materials safe for nibbling
  • Easy to install and reposition
  • Withstands regular use


  • First-time climbers may be hesitant at first
  • Ladder may eventually fray from repeated chewing

#5 JW Pet Company Insight Cuttlebone Holder

Overview: The Insight Cuttlebone Holder from JW Pet Company gives budgies a healthy way to trim their growing beaks.


  • File away at overgrown beaks
  • Vital source of calcium and minerals
  • Easy to refill with new cuttlebones
  • Durable construction built to last


  • Could take time for budgies to understand purpose
  • May need repositioning if holder becomes loose

#6 Bonka Bird Toys Mini Sneaker Foot Toy

Overview: Budgies can sink their talons into this tiny sneaker chew toy from Bonka Bird Toys, promoting healthy foot movement.


  • Strengthens foot muscles and dexterity
  • Sparks natural curiosity
  • Portable enough for tossing and carrying
  • Cute accent piece in cages


  • Budgies may initially overlook toy
  • Supervision required due to small parts

#7 RYPET Bird Chewing Toy

Overview: The RYPET chewing toy tempts nibbly budgies with an arrangement of wood blocks and jingly bells perfect for healthy beak conditioning.


  • Offers alternative chew outlet
  • Aids jaw strength
  • Made of nontoxic materials
  • Easily connects to cage wires


  • Could take time for shy budgies to engage
  • Power chewers may tire of it

#8 Planet Pleasures Spiked Pinata Bird Toy

Overview: Planet Pleasures’ Spiked Pinata toy lets adventurous budgies forage among natural palm leaves for sensory enrichment.

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  • Promotes curious investigation
  • Textured materials aid preening
  • Crafted from eco-friendly materials
  • Biodegrades when disposed


  • Retiring budgies may avoid
  • Palm pieces require replacing

#9 JW Pet Company Insight Bird Bath

Overview: The Insight Bird Bath from JW Pet Company offers budgies a safe spot to flutter and splash during bathtime.


  • Encourages natural bathing habits
  • Helps maintain healthy feathers
  • Secure shallow pool prevents drowning
  • Cleans up easily after playtime


  • Shy budgies may avoid at first
  • Water could become dirty quickly

#10 Penn Plax Bird Toy Activity Center

Overview: This decked-out activity center from Penn Plax overflows with swinging perches, scaling ladders, jingly bells, and more to occupy energetic budgies.


  • All-in-one amusement park
  • Promotes both physical and mental exercise
  • Various textures hold interest
  • Easy to take apart for washing


  • Substantial real estate required in cage
  • May seem overstimulating at first


There you have it, 10 stimulating budgie toys to fill your birds’ lives with playtime joy! Remember, getting to know your budgie’s personality helps narrow down what toys they’ll truly appreciate. But with this collection offering such diverse amusements, at least one is sure to earn wing flaps of approval from even the pickiest of budgies!

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