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Hey fellow parrot lovers! If you have an African Grey at home, you know how smart and active these birds can be. An appropriately sized cage that allows them to move around and play is essential for their health and happiness. I’ve put together this guide to the top 5 best parrot cage for African Grey based on size, quality, features and price. Let’s get into it!

#1 Yaheetech 52-inch Wrought Steel Standing Large Flight King Bird Cage for Cockatiels African Grey Quaker Amazon Sun Parakeets Green Cheek Conures Pigeons Parrot Bird Cage Birdcage with Stand

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  • Very spacious cage that can comfortably house large parrots like African greys and Amazons
  • Sturdy wrought iron construction with nice decorative design
  • Convenient wheels allow easy movement around the house
  • Affordably priced for the large size
  • Assembly is straightforward with clear instructions


  • Bars are not very closely spaced, smaller birds may be able to squeeze through
  • Door openings may be too small for some large parrot species
  • Locking door mechanisms could be more secure
  • Paint finish chips and scratches fairly easily

Overall, this Yaheetech extra large bird cage is a great value purchase for people needing lots of interior space for bigger parrots. It provides ample room for toys, perches, food bowls and more at an affordable price point. Build quality meets expectations at this price level – it feels sturdy once put together properly. Just be aware of a few shortcomings like potential size limitations for truly giant parrots. Bars should be checked to make sure smaller birds can’t escape. With consideration for the cons mentioned, it can make an excellent cage option in this size class.


#2 Yaheetech Wrought Iron Bird Cages, Play Top Large Aviary with Stand for Cockatiel Parrot Sun Parakeet Conures Lovebird Budgie Finch African Grey White, 61-inch

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  • Very spacious cage provides lots of interior room for multiple birds
  • Play top design allows birds to go in and out of cage freely
  • Durable powder coated construction resists rust and corrosion
  • Lockable rolling casters allow easy mobility
  • Easy to assemble with included tools and instructions
  • Great value for a large cage and aviary combo


  • Bars have relatively wide spacing allowing small birds to squeeze out
  • Play area may not contain mess from food or droppings
  • Several users report doors not closing properly or edges being sharp
  • May be too sizable to fit in some rooms or dwellings
  • Quality control issues noted with rough welds and gaps
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Overall, this extra large Yaheetech cage offers terrific space for the price if housing bigger parrots or multiple birds. The play top enclosure guarantees lots of interior flying room. There are some quality concerns brought up from questionable assembly fits to hazards from sharp edges. But if getting a very roomy habitat is top priority for a reasonable budget, it serves that role sufficiently. Just be prepared to make some adjustments for optimal safety and security if any defects are present. With that caution, it can make a worthwhile habitat for larger parrot species.


#3 VIVOHOME 54 Inch Wrought Iron Large Bird Flight Cage with Rolling Stand for African Grey Parrot Cockatiel Sun Parakeet Conure Lovebird Canary White

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  • Spacious 54-inch cage provides ample room for large birds to fly around
  • Sturdy wrought iron construction with wheel-mounted stand for portability
  • Feeder doors allow convenient access without opening main doors
  • Lockable rollers help keep cage stationary when needed
  • Easy tool-free assembly with all hardware included
  • Affordably priced for a cage of this sizable dimensions


  • Bar spacing may be too wide for smaller bird breeds to be fully secured
  • plastic spill guard trays seem flimsy and prone to cracking
  • Some reviews mentioned doors not aligning perfectly or edges being sharp
  • May be very heavy and difficult to maneuver for some owners
  • Paint finish prone to chipping over time

Overall, the VIVOHOME 54-inch flight cage provides great interior space for a reasonable price point. Large birds like greys and Amazons will relish the extended flight room. There are potential quality concerns mainly with plastic components that may fail over time. And the sheer size makes mobility a challenge requiring reasonable strength and maneuvering skills. If those cons are not deal breakers, it makes a wonderful habitat for an affordable budget. Meeting larger parrots’ needs for space to fly and exercise in this price range.


#4 Prevue Pet Products 3351W Park Plaza Bird Cage, Pewter,Small

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  • Attractive antique pewter finish with decorative styling
  • Roomy for a small/medium sized bird cage
  • Sturdy construction with quality wrought iron bars
  • Pull-out metal debris tray makes cleaning easy
  • Locking door swings open conveniently
  • Easy assembly with tools and instructions included
  • Great price point for the features
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  • Door opening small for larger birds to pass through
  • Bar spacing somewhat wide for smallest bird breeds
  • Feeder doors don’t allow full access to cage interior
  • Locks could be higher quality for improved security
  • Slightly small for very large birds despite description

Overall, this Prevue small bird cage provides a stylish, decorative habitat option at a very affordable price point. There is ample room for canaries, parrotlets or similar sized birds along with high-end touches like locking doors and debris drawers absent in cages costing less. Large hookbills may find it cramped despite label claims though. And diminutive finches or budgies could squeeze through wider barred gaps. If sized appropriately for your breed and augmented with extra toys, it makes a quality living space with classy vintage looks hard to match at this budget level.


#5 Jhsomdr Bird Cage 52 Inch Standing Wrought Iron Large Parrot Cage for Cockatiels African Grey Quaker Parrotlet Green Cheek Indian Ring Neck Pigeons Parakeets Flight Cage with Rolling Stand

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  • Roomy 52-inch cage provides substantial space for large parrots
  • Durable powder coated construction resists rust
  • Convenient wheels and locking casters for easy mobility
  • Feeding doors allow access without main doors open
  • Simple toolkit assembly with all hardware included
  • Very budget friendly price for a cage this sizable


  • Wide bar spacing could allow escape for small bird breeds
  • Thin metal and plastic used in some components
  • Multiple reviews citing flaws like sagging playtops or uneven wheels
  • May be difficult for one person to assemble alone
  • Not ideal for the largest macaw or cockatoo species

Overall, this extra spacious flight cage is a stellar value if you need ample enclosure room on a tight budget. Large birds like greys and Amazons will relish all the horizontal space for flying and playing. But quality control shortcomings have been frequently cited from hazardous sharp edges to shaky rolling casters. And while very roomy, absolute giant hookbills may still find sizing limiting. If you can overlook or address those cons through minor post-assembly adjustments, it provides enviable dimensions to satisfy most big parrots at a bargain price difficult to beat.

What To Look For In An African Grey Cage

When picking out the ideal parrot cage for your African Grey, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind:

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Size – African Greys are active birds that need lots of space to spread their wings and climb. Look for the largest cage your home can accommodate, but a minimum of 30x20x50 inches (LxWxH) is recommended.

Bar Spacing – Narrowly spaced bars between 3/4 to 1 inch will prevent even small Greys from squeezing out or getting their heads caught.

Durability – Chewing is inevitable with these intelligent birds. Prioritize cages made of hardy wrought iron over lightweight aluminum or steel which can bend. Powder coated metals also resist corrosion.

Doors – Seek out cages with multiple large locking doors on the front and side for convenient access. Sliding trays under the cage bottom simplify cleaning.

Keeping these factors in mind while shopping will lead you to a well-constructed cage with ample internal space perfect for your active African Grey parrot! Provide lots of puzzles, toys and perches to enrich their environment.


Frequently Asked Questions

What cage size is best for an African Grey?

A good minimum size is 30x20x50 inches (LxWxH) but bigger is always better for these active birds! Prioritize tall cages over wide ones.

What bar spacing should their cage have?

Look for bar spacing between 3/4 to 1 inch to prevent escape and entrapment, even for small Greys.

How many food bowls should be in an African Grey cage?

Provide at least 2 sturdy stainless steel food bowls so you can offer pellet and fresh foods separately.

What is the ideal African Grey perch size?

Perches should have varying widths between 1 to 2 inches, and diameters from 1/2 to 1 inch to exercise their feet.

How much are large parrot cages for African Greys?

Expect to spend $200 to $800+ for a quality extra large cage for an African Grey parrot depending on materials, features offered, craftsmanship and brand reputation.

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