Our mission

We established Parrotsy to educate, empower, and assure parrot owners through balanced expertise. By always putting birds’ wellbeing first, our commitment is to:

  • Inform & Prepare New Bird Owners: We equip first-time adopters with detailed care guides so they can confidently nurture a healthy, trust-bonded parrot from day one.
  • Review Essential Parrot Products: We objectively test and scrutinize cages, food, toys, etc. to determine what’s truly best for enhancing parrots’ quality of life based on science and safety.
  • Address Complex Behavior & Health: We tackle delicate topics like rehoming, feather plucking, vet trips, dietary issues and more with thoughtful compassion plus proactive solutions.
  • Celebrate the Wins: We share the ups, downs and lessons of our own parrot parenting journeys so others remember to enjoy the milestones along the way!
  • Build Community: We welcome open discussions and user-generated content so all levels of parrot owners can exchange advice.

We view every parrot as family and treat our human readers the same. When you rely on a Parrotsy guide or purchase a product we recommend, please know we take that trust to heart. It’s the reason we work tirelessly to deliver nothing short of excellence with each piece of content. We’re fully dedicated to nurturing happier, healthier parrots and owners for decades to come! is your trusted Parrot care ally.

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What makes us different?

Substantive parrot care content

What sets Parrotsy apart in the bird blog world is our razor-sharp focus on substantive parrot care content that goes the extra mile. While many sites stick to surface-level topics meant merely to entertain, we pride ourselves on providing need-to-know husbandry information forged from personal experience.

All in one site

New owners will discover in-depth basics spanning proper diet, caging, behavior analysis, bonding techniques and more. We equip you with the complete nitty gritty building blocks vital for nurturing a well-adjusted parrot.

We’re serious about not being “bought”.

Seasoned parrot parents gravitate to us for our no-nonsense product reviews that pinpoint precise species suitability beyond generic recommendations. We won’t sugarcoat flaws. You’ll also find us tackling delicate issues head-on including rehoming, feather damaging conditions, clutter hoarding, senior care, emergency first aid and other critical subjects routinely dodged.

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Our Story

Parrots first entered our home about a decade ago and we instantly fell in love with their playfulness, intelligence, and affectionate nuzzles. However, we quickly realized parrot care requires far more effort than traditional pets if you hope to form a lifelong bond. We constantly scratched our heads wondering whether certain behavior was normal or concerning. Which foods and toys were actually safest? How could we best enrich their environment? So many questions arose that basic internet searches couldn’t satisfy.

We yearned for a centralized resource covering all species to turn to. One that combined vet-sourced medical advice and scientific data with real-world owner perspectives. A place focused solely on parrots’ specialized needs backed by transparency – not what brands paid for top reviews. We craved first-hand practical guidance from the trenches of parrot parenting along with the positives, the difficulties, and the milestones.

When we couldn’t find such a nurturing community and comprehensive learning hub, we decided to create it ourselves… introducing Parrotsy! We poured years of trial-and-error experience raising multiple parrot species into helpful articles, videos and training tools. No subject is taboo or too advanced. At Parrotsy, you’ll discover 360 degree support. We promise to always tell the unfiltered truth while prioritizing your parrot’s health above all else. Consider us your passionate partners ushering you into the wondrous world of parrot companionship!

This journey holds boundless rewards if you commit fully, exercise patience daily, and shower your bird with affection consistently. There’s no greater gift than a parrot’s unconditional love once earned. We can’t wait to see your own flock thrive after following Parrotsy’s top care resources!

Get In Touch

We love hearing from fellow parrot enthusiasts! Connecting with our readers is the highlight of our day. Thank you for your continued support! Our success starts with this vibrant, knowledgable parrot community we’re grateful to be a part of each day. Feel free to reach out about anything bird-related under the sun. Talk soon!